1. My immediate reaction

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  2. MODEST SAVING BABIES. This was another small exercise, similar to the cave video, for class. I kinda did it all today, and it’s due tomorrow so I haven’t coloured the frames. Deal with it, and make sure you keep an eye on your babies, scorpions can smell their sweat and will take them away from you.

  3. OOOOOOO! Animation will be up on vimeo soon as I work out some sounds. It’s only a 10 second thing for school, sound is weird for short pieces.

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  4. Homework is busting my balls, but this dude is being busted by a giant smoke fist.

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  5. More of what’s going on. So many little dudes, check out cannon-ball baby!

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  6. I’m alive! Doing heaps of really fun stuff right now. Pitches to dudes, school work major project, comics, good times. Here are some snippets of all these things.

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  7. Sunday morning homework tests, more on this little tomb robber coming soon.

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  8. I’ve decided to feature Modest Dog in my final year animation for uni, so thought I’d re-visit the pup’s first animated appearance, to get those of you who haven’t seen it up to speed. Currently still working on nutting out the proper gist if the story, but expect some sandwiches, lizards punks and a few scorpians. 

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  9. this will probably not work 

    Oh he’s going now. A few key frames to work with for this walk. It’ll hopefully end up all jolty and clunky, with some flies and snapping bones or something

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  10. Ghost bones

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