1. Hoooooray, I did a cover for an issue of the Adventure Time comic. And it’s finally in print, there’s a bunch of alternate covers for the same issue, I’m on cover C. You can get in here!

  2. kingtrash:

    thought this would be interesting to post? my rough “Little Dude” title card sketch, which I drew to be sent off to get the full painted title card treatment. Opening my Inbox to see the final colored version really blew my mind.

    Deforge is just the best. This is my favourite title card from AT I’ve seen so far, and from an episode I had background layouts in!

    (via kingtrash-deactivated20140610)

  3. And yet more layouts, I’m kinda over dosing on this stuff, but I just love it. All the table props I drew were just reference, so they’re not really the same in the finished frame. I still don’t even know if I got a credit in this episode!

  4. Here’s another of the layouts I did for little dude, with a bit of a comparison to the original line work (the dudes who colour these things are wizards)

  5. Guess who did a bunch of background layouts for the latest Adventure Time episode? Well guess me, cause it was me. yeeees.

  6. Someone said I could do better than LSP. But I love drawing clouds.

  7. Alrighty, that’s the whole test done now, they forgot to include the drawing section so I did a quick scramble. I actually had so much fun doing the whole thing.

    This section, where I had to finish off the drawing, was my favourite. In the end I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most, but settled on the pin head Jake, there’s just something terrifying about it.

    What would you have picked?

  8. Fly drawing test fly!

  9. In other news I just took a storyboard test for Adventure Time, those dudes are fun to draw. Here was a scrap of paper that helped me through it.