1. Kids, sorry I haven’t delivered no giffy modest dog yet, I had a small flood in my study and have had to move all my crap out to dry the floor. Pedestal fan, paper towels and an intricate milk crate prop system is slowly working it’s magic though. Expect some modest soon though, +  a 3 page prawn comic.

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  4. noir77 said: sorry to hear that! we forgive you!
  5. low-bro said: sorry that your office was flooded with milk. but I’m still waiting for my proposed variants giffy modest dog dancing on the grave of a man with a scorpion) it - Google Translator (I write from Russian), so I understand the bad. The best modest. ))))
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  7. ledunkdelamort said: We can wait! But not long :) Hope everything goes well with your study!
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