1. New flora to keep my pad fresh

  2. More mind prep for tomorrow’s big game

  3. I’m playing hero quest tomorrow. Getting right up in the mood.

  4. Large amount of sketch work this week

  5. Tram comic, with the last few panels and crusty copic work done at home

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  6. I animated this lil thing, with the help of Mark Gravas at KAPOW, for 4 Pines beer.  

  7. Plant tiiime

  8. Ages ago I saw a van outside of a hospital, with ‘bringing babies closer to home’ written on the side. Sounds like a great service, bringing them back and plopping them within a days crawling distance from the front door. Kid strengthening. 

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  9. Grass lass

  10. Made a comic on the tram, nothing really happens

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