1. still drawing, still doing it. still here.

  2. I am drawing things

  3. Chimney sweep, mad climbing skills

  4. Another work monster

  5. Not sure if I blogged these before, but I like them

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  6. Workin’ on something..


  7. What is a drawing you would all (well a majority at least) want to see? What do people want in drawings /comics? Research mission, be my guides. Let’s work.

  8. Wood cat

  9. flickeringlightsshow:

    Thomas Hunter aka mr. buffalo

    Yo friends, check out this great collection of gifs for the Flickering Lights show being put on by Rotopolpress. I was lucky enough to get a couple featured, and am super chuffed to be a part of something that so many other awesome animators are in. It’s really nice, go have a look!

  10. Pattern wizard