1. Yaaaaa

  2. Time has come to once again pack up my crib. New house soon. Excited.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN! Heroes Never Die.

  4. Want to go back to the coast. The best room of my life.

  5. mrbuffalo:

    I made a gif version of SECRET DRIVER MAN by Tom Toye. Tom is an absolute legend and you should ALL hound him.

    Probably one of the greatest gifs I’ve ever made. 

  6. mrbuffalo:

    This isn’t really a comic yet, but I think it’s my favourite bunch from all the drawings that I’m squeezing into the breaks and lunches of the big ol’ Diner Danger project.

    Dogs are seriously the best, miss the family dogs so bad, look at those cuties!

    Call back for some Old dogs, sadly the little grey fella isn’t with us anymore. Dogs are the kings guys.

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  7. Some more older pictures, but with some colours. 

  8. Some old Jakes with new colour, and a weird painting that I’m not sure if I hate or not…

  9. Painting up some old sketches before bed

  10. pug-of-war:

    I’ll be presenting my latest Muscles McQuack comic, “Al Dente,” as part of the EMERGING WRITERS FESTIVAL in Melbourne on the 5th of June. The show is called GRAPHIC CONTENTS and features other great work by Simon Hanselmann, Katie Parrish and more. You can book tickets here.

    Yo kids, if you’re in Melbourne next week you should come on down to this cool talk. Let’s have a beer and listen to rad people talk about comics! (I’m really only just assuming there will be a bar)