1. Happy birthday to the Lord of the North Jesse Balmer. Miss you dudes, stay strong draw on.

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  2. How Heavy This Axe

  3. I played Hero Quest over the weekend with some Buddies. For 10 hours. Barbarians forever.

  4. Go dude go, play whatever song you like

  5. Been nice and busy already, promise I’ll have some more stuff up soon. Comics, animations and some mystery secrets.

  6. I’m back from many holidays. 2014 is gonna be bigger and better then the 13. Gonna draw lots of stuff.

  7. Sketches

  8. Christmas goose

  9. Hooray it’s nearly Christmas! I can’t wait to go home and see my family.

  10. Went to Bali for the past 4 days for a work conference, and painted a mural for some cool kids at a local orphanage. Thanks to the other super rad guys in my team for all swinging brushes like Conan to get this thing finished. It was hooooot. I swiped these photos from Noynay and Yum Yum