1. Painting up some old sketches before bed

  2. pug-of-war:

    I’ll be presenting my latest Muscles McQuack comic, “Al Dente,” as part of the EMERGING WRITERS FESTIVAL in Melbourne on the 5th of June. The show is called GRAPHIC CONTENTS and features other great work by Simon Hanselmann, Katie Parrish and more. You can book tickets here.

    Yo kids, if you’re in Melbourne next week you should come on down to this cool talk. Let’s have a beer and listen to rad people talk about comics! (I’m really only just assuming there will be a bar)

  3. Trying some things

  4. Work lizard

  5. tinyteepee:

    Space buddy - Mr Buffalo

    Hooray, look at this lil alien friend I drew for Tiny Teepee

  6. warming up for some funner pictures

  7. Pretty happy with this one. Mystery Man

    Tagged #Mystery Man
  8. Gotta make this into a proper poster

  9. warm up before sleep, I know that’s not really the right order of things. But oh well. 

  10. Some straight ahead stuff