1. Laaadies

  2. Hooded wizard sword guy

  3. solid dude

  4. A couple of you asked where the rock climbing picture I put up recently was. It’s at the Burnley Street exit in Richmond, under the road (obviously). Use the Yarra bike path to get there. Awesome ride (aside from the lycra brigade that love to zing past) and even better climbing. I haunt the mornings here before work.

  5. Holy highlighters

  6. My new favourite lair. These hands are getting shredded

  7. Comic planning is way hard sometimes. I’ve been having so much trouble getting past the thumbs. Want this thing to be good. Long way to go though.

  8. That’s a tight lil cap

  9. Colourful dudes. Thanks for letting me borrow your pencils Matty.

  10. Pinks dudes V2