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  6. It’s great that Modest is finally here and done, I could woof all day with joy. Thanks for all being so supportive of the stuff I do, it’s really quite a nice thing. I’ll keep drawing stuff for the lot of you forever :)

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  7. And for those of you who don’t love Youtube, here’s the Vimeo version of Diner Danger

  8.                         D I N E R   D A N G E R  I S  H E R E!

    Modest Dog is back, in my graduate film from 2012. Enjoy guys. Ride free, stay Modest!

  9. Less then 24 hours till Diner Danger is up online

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  10. mrbuffalo:


    BOOOOOOM Modest Emergency has finally been uploaded! This version is only a rough one (you can see the backgrounds through some of the characters) but I’ll update it with a coloured version soon.

    get on it.

    Before you get to see Modest in Diner Danger, which I’ll be uploading at about 8am AEST (I’m in melbourne dudes), let’s look back at where it began. Here’s Modest in the first short I ever did. woof.

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