1. Crusher

  2. Rodent trouble

  3. warming up for some mega knight drawings

  4. Moved house, so drawing has been limited. But I’m liking some of the stuff on this page. Swords.

  5. pug-of-war:

    Happy Birthday Tom Hunter. Don’t stop a bobbin’!

    Aww thanks Ivsy! This is shaping up as a damn fine birthday

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  6. Yaaaaa

  7. Time has come to once again pack up my crib. New house soon. Excited.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN! Heroes Never Die.

  9. Want to go back to the coast. The best room of my life.

  10. mrbuffalo:

    I made a gif version of SECRET DRIVER MAN by Tom Toye. Tom is an absolute legend and you should ALL hound him.

    Probably one of the greatest gifs I’ve ever made.