1. pug-of-war:

    Hot Dog Hustler.
    For Thomas Hunter.

    Ahhh Ivan pixeled up my hotdog. What a swell guy!!

  2. And the only way to cap off a live stream, sword. Thanks guys, it was fun, will do another one real soon.

  3. Live streamin work 04. Cleverly titled BIKER

  4. Live streamin work 03. If you tuned in, you would have seen Pablo Blood in the flesh (well through the internet)

  5. Live streamin work 02. A really good drawing of a witch

  6. Live streamin work 01

  7. I have no idea if that last stream even worked at all, my computer is chugging like a beast, This is what I drew, really technical piece. High detail.

  8. I’m sorry I don’t know what a daisy pancake is, or ruffians (oh wait do you mean like mean rough people? damn that would’ve looked cooler that greyish blobs). Rest is all pretty self-explan. Except the baby, you can’t have him/her.

  9. Tough and comfortable

  10. That ol haze