1. I have no idea if that last stream even worked at all, my computer is chugging like a beast, This is what I drew, really technical piece. High detail.

  2. I’m sorry I don’t know what a daisy pancake is, or ruffians (oh wait do you mean like mean rough people? damn that would’ve looked cooler that greyish blobs). Rest is all pretty self-explan. Except the baby, you can’t have him/her.

  3. Tough and comfortable

  4. That ol haze

  5. Doing some straight up proper work here

  6. Faces on faces

  7. cold nose

  8. Guess who just picked up their 100% spanking original Simon Hanselman picture? Good dayz.

  9. I know I’ve been promising to upload this thing for over a year now, but I’m really actually working on it at this very second. SO SOON.