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    I wrote an epic 2-part story for the Adventure Time comics! It’s called “The Jelly Wars”.  The first chapter runs in issue #27 (4/16), and it wraps up in issue #28 (5/21).

    There are two stories in the issue, one by me and Phillip Jacobson, and one by Ryan North (Midas Flesh) and Jim Rugg (Street Angel)!

    I’m freakin’ out!

    Awww, yeah! My boyfriend Eric M. Esquivel wrote a 2-part Adventure Time mini-comic called “Jelly Wars” that’s featured in issue #27 (in stores 4/16!) and #28 (5/21)! It’s drawn by Phil Jacobson and it’s RAD!

    Anyway, my name’s also in there, ‘cause I designed the issue! The main story is written by Ryan North and illustrated by my friend Jim Rugg!

    Check it out!

    (Featuring covers by Chrystin Garland, Tom Hunter, Brittney Williams, Zan Czyzewski, James Lloyd, and Mike Holmes!)

    Aww look there’s my Adventure Time cover! (2nd pic, lots of flowers)

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  3. Me and my invisible older brother. I think the soul crushing flu I’ve had for the past three days was caught from the swampland all over me. Entirely custom made by the ever resourceful Salem.

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  5. Evil dudes and little dudes

  6. Big heads and pug-of-wars Muscles Mcquack

  7. Pretty slow ok the posting at the moment, sorry friends. Got lots of sketches piled up though. Stay tough.

  8. Here’s a stop motion gif I made at some sunny point during the weekend

  9. First drawing on my neeeeew computer! Maaaaan, photoshop runs like a dreamy dream on this thing, many holiday feelings.

  10. I think I always draw facing left dudes because I’m right handed, and work back from the nose or eyes