1. Gotta do some real drawings soon.

  2. Wish I hadn’t drawn the dumb kid in the corner. Live and learn.


  3. Sorry to those of you who have asked questions that I haven’t replied to, been busy like a crazy boy, and I keep forgetting! Will get on them soon friends.

  4. Look out

  5. If you’re in Melbourne during the next month, and are a fan of the fantastic HAPPINESS comix collections, then you should get on down to the MAILBOX GALLERY to check out the Happiness Comix exhibition. I made a big snake and some rocks. GOOOOOOO! 

    (Source: mrbuffalo)

  6. One of the best dogs, max!

  7. Snaaake

  8. Hunter jogger

  9. Dudes

  10. Space gardener pew pew